Add a new Product from Woocommerce

In the Black Site Menu at the left, under WooCommerce, there is an entry for Products – in a submenu next to that is “Add New”. Add the Product Name that will appear on all listings and the POS.
  • On the right, choose a Category (or add to the existing list)
  • on the right below that, add product tags (this allows people to search for specific items easily)
  • on the right, working down the list, set a product image – making sure to add alt-text, caption and brief description there as well in case the picture cant be seen
  • in general below, set the “Product Data” drop down list to Variable Product
  • in inventory, add the product SKU. If you tick manage stock there is provision to add the number on hand and what constitutes low stock. This will only allow purchase of stock on hand.
  • Shipping – dont need to adjust anything here as shipping is turned off site wide.
  • Linked Products allows you to advertise other parts of the uniform that goes with the one on display.
  • Size is in the Attributes section below – from the drop down list, choose the type of sizing and click add (these were made based on the ones on the current product list and can be altered from the site menu on the left) –
    • Size is numbers 8,10,12 up to 30
    • Msize is M5-M12 for the shorts and trousers listings
    • Letter size covers the ones with C and Med, Lge etc
  • Remove any values not required or add any not present. Tick both boxes and Save attributes button.
  • In the variations list, Click on Add Variation drop menu and choose “Create Variations from all Attributes”. Click add button and they will appear. There will be a list of each size in a drop down box. Click in the white space next to each drop down box to add the price and stock information, set them all individually and they will change when selected on the product page. It is important to keep a listing for each size so you can set them “out of stock” individually.
  • In the next box below, it says “Product Short Description” – you will need to add one here. You can also add more pictures.
Click on Update (Blue button in the Publish box top left) and you are done. Note you can also add future publish datesĀ  in this box (by editing the publish dates) or hide them until stock comes in or unfinished listings (visibility).