Changing the Site Menu

In the black site menu at the left side of the dashboard, click on Menus, listed under appearance. You are then able to add, reorder or remove pages from the menu.

Add a new Photo or Picture

To add Pictures or Photos to the site, click on Media from the black site menu to the left, near the top. There is then a button marked “Add New” at the top of the media gallery, or in the black menu under Library (they do the same thing). You will then see a drag … [Read more…]

Add a new Product from Woocommerce

In the Black Site Menu at the left, under WooCommerce, there is an entry for Products – in a submenu next to that is “Add New”. Add the Product Name that will appear on all listings and the POS. On the right, choose a Category (or add to the existing list) on the right below … [Read more…]